Emoji Your Drive to Create Visual Interest

Emoji Your Drive

? Emoji Your Drive ?

Guest blog post by Beth Mossholder

Make your Google Drive a little more interesting with Emojis. Color coding can work out great when organizing folders in your Google Drive; but does nothing to help differentiate individual files in Drive. Emojis can also be inserted into titles and text lines where other image file types cannot.

Make Google Drive More Interesting

Visually differentiating files with emojis can make your drive (and your students) easier to navigate. Setting up a system for emojis in your class can also help students organize work.  Example: ? may mean this file is important or priority. Your teams or groups may have their own emoji such as Team Fox ?. All group documents for this team may have a Fox ? in the title. Visuals are great for nearly all students; primary and language acquisition students often have increased engagement with content that reduces relying on words to communicate.

Emoji Doc
Emoji titled documents

Search Drive

When searching for a file in Google Drive, you can also search by Emoji.

Search Emoji