Emoji Keyboard, Accurate Translation, and a Super Organizer App

Most messengers and social net apps offer smileys and stickers. Did you know that instead of calling up a pop-up window you could just use keyboard? We’ve improved translation view in TextGrabber iOS and found truly versatile task management app.

iOS Tip: How to Add the Emoji Keyboard

You can add the emoji keyboard just like you add a keyboard for any other language. First, open the keyboard settings. Here’s the fastest way to get there.

On the Settings screen, start typing the word “keyboard” in the search field. Then tap Keyboard with the word General underneath (see screenshot below).

search in settings on iphone

While we’re on the subject, actually very few people know that there’s a search field hidden in the Settings screen. That’s because you need to swipe down to make it visible. You can use this search field to find the necessary setting without scanning the numerous settings sections. Simply start typing the name of the setting you need and your phone will display the most likely candidates. Now back to our emojis.

There’s also an alternative route to get to the keyboard settings by tapping Settings → General → Keyboard. Then tap Keyboards to see the list of currently installed languages. Tap Add New Keyboard → Emoji → and there you are!

keyboard settings on iphone
add new keyboard on iphone

Now all you need to do is change your keyboard language, and you will have more than 1000 smileys at your finger tips.

emojis on ios

Android Tip: How to Add the Emoji Keyboard

Things are even simpler on Android. We have found a perfect solution in the shape of a keyboard called SwiftKey, which comes complete with an emoji language.

Naturally, you can expect more than just emojis from this truly smart keyboard. It will adapt to your writing style and use predictive technology to speed up your typing, it can send stickers and GIFs, it allows you to customize colours, it supports over 300 languages, and can do a lot more than we have space for in this brief newsletter.

Download SwiftKey, type less, and achieve more.


ABBYY Tip: How to Make Translations Look Exactly Like Their Originals

The translation component in TextGrabber for iOS has received a major overhaul. Now when you translate a snippet, the app will preserve the original formatting, such as division into paragraphs, so that you can easily collate the two texts. Translation speed and quality have also been improved.

See for yourself how well the app preserves the look of the original:


textgrabber abbyy translation


abbyy textgrabber ocr and translation