Netflix Celebrates World Emoji Day With “Recomojis” On Facebook Messenger


UPDATED with more details from Netflix.

Netflix joined tech giants Apple, Facebook and Twitter in celebrating World Emoji Day, launching a playful recommendation feature on Facebook Messenger called “Recomoji.”

As the name implies, Recomoji offers title suggestions based on the emoji that best describes your mood.

Feeling cranky? How about Bitcoin Heist? A film that follows an Interpol special agent who assembles a team of elite hackers to plan the ultimate crypto-currency heist in order to catch the world’s most wanted thief. In more of silly mood, how about Bo Burnham: Make Happy?

You get the idea.

For those who need a tutorial, the Fab Five from Netflix’s Emmy-nominated Queer Eye provide the rundown.

“So, let me get this straight, I’m just going to go ahead and enter an emoji based on how I’m feeling and I just type it in and Oh!” says Jonathan Van Ness. “Oh, this is cool!”

The chat bot appears to be a digital relation to Netflix’s 2016 Facebook Messenger bot, And Chill, which similarly produced recommendations in response to the criteria you furnish. Ask for a British comedy with a twist ending, the bot might suggest Hot Fuzz.

A Netflix spokesperson said the feature will be available through mid-October.

Netflix Recomoji doesn’t have access to your Netflix account (the service’s algorithm which remains the best source for personalized recommendations).

Instead, it’s built in response to real-time mood viewing. The “emojineers” at Netflix mapped emojis to emotional need states, and then matched those to show and movie collections, the spokesperson said.

It’s a fun tool to help people discover something new to watch.

Here’s how Netflix promoted it on Twitter: