? List of Google emojis for Chrome OS, Pixel, and Android. Copy and paste!

Google Emoji is a set of emojis that have a unique design and are fundamentally different, for example, from  Apple and Microsoft emojis. They are used in Google software, in Chrome OS, in their email client, on Pixel devices and on most Android devices.

Below is the current list of emojis taking into account the latest Android 10.0 system update.

“You never lose a dream, it just incubates as a hobby” — Larry Page.


  • “Googol” is a ? mathematical term whose contents include a unit with 100 zeros. This is where the company name comes from.
  • Google constantly rents ? goats for one purpose which is mowing the lawn. In such a way, the company adheres to the green initiative.
  • Surprising fact is that the first Google ? computer storage consisted of the Lego constructor.

? Smileys & Emotion

? People & Body

? Animals & Nature

? Food & Drink

? Symbols

? Travel & Places

? Objects

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