Tip 19: Extra Emoji – Google Apps Training

It’s a common practice to show emotions in messages by adding a combination of characters as smileys or emoticons, such as 🙂 for happy or 🙁 for sad. Google has taken this to the next level with Emoji – a collection of still and animated characters you can insert in your messages.

To add Emoji, click the Insert Emoticon icon in the message body tools to open the selection tabs. Click on one to add it to your message. Click the Insert Emoticon icon in the message tools again to close the selection tabs.

Can’t get enough cute? By default, there are two Emoji tabs with LOTS of cute little characters, but you can add eleven additional Emoji tabs with the Extra Emoji Lab! 

To enable Extra Emoji, click on the gear in the upper right of the Google Mail window, select Mail Settings, and click on the Labs link. Scroll down through the Labs (alpha order) to locate Extra Emoji. You can also enter “emoji” in the Labs search field to show the Extra Emoji Lab. Click the Enable radio button. Finally, at the top or bottom of the window, click the Save Changes button. Extra Emoji will be enabled and you’ll be returned to Google Mail.